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Conversational AI Era

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Say Apps

Venture firm purpose-built to serve AI-Native,

Software 3.0 companies

We are building

LLM-powered applications, agents and autonomous organizations

We like to invest early

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for Startups

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We invest in

Vertical LLM applications

Autonomous organisations

AI x Hardware


Say Apps envisions a future where the interaction between humans and software is as natural and effortless as a conversation.

Robots and AI agents will produce up to 80% of the GDP by 2035.

Our goal is to lead the industry in LLM applications, providing innovative solutions that redefine the user experience.

The key to success in this era is being closer to customers, creating high switching costs through user engagement and retention.

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Telegram GPT AI Store

Help millions of people use ChatGPT inside Telegram app


What We Build

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AI agents

We are developing high-marketability chatGPT agents that help a lot of people solve their daily requests

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LLM-powered Applications

Distribution and user acquisition are becoming the new moats, and Say Apps is primed to excel in this area with our unique operating model and user-focused applications.

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The ChatGPT platform offers an unmatched opportunity with its 500M+ active monthly users.


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Quality products for quality life.


Our Portfolio

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Placy AI

Brokerage/marketplace where AI agents work alongside real estate professionals

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AI Community


Automated community management software that engages and communicates with your community on scale

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Telegram GPT

Help millions of people use ChatGPT inside Telegram app

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Game Buddy

Your AI QA for mobile game testing

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HotFixer AI

If you encounter a bug in production, you'll receive a notification in Slack/Telegram on how to fix it, along with a link to the Merge Request. Easy.

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Personal Shopping Assistant - search, research, analyze and buy goods

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Digital workers

Automated workers based on LLMs

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Social Search

Helps to find info from social networks

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Support AI

multichannel developer support solution designed to deliver best-in-class tech support while reducing the need for manual labor and helping to improve developer experience.

Why Say Apps?

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Tech expertise

SayApps founded by ML developers and researchers provides advanced technical support and expertise

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SayApps collaborates with dedicated co-founders, ensuring focused growth for each product

online marketing

Marketing & Analytics

With strategic marketing and analytics, SayApps ensures maximum visibility and user engagement for each application

Say Apps operates as a VC studio, partnering with dedicated co-founders for each product.

This model brings in a wealth of expertise, fosters innovation, and ensures product-specific focus and growth.

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Business Model


Pre-Seed and Seed stages with checks up to $250K

Tech Consulting and Advising

Founded by ML developers and researchers provides advanced technical support and expertise


through conversations with remarkable founders, advisors and VCs, we explore different forms of support as a way for a startup to cut corners and ultimately beat the odds.

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Say Apps

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